Elenger’s market share in the Finnish gas market has risen to almost 40 percent

Elenger  has renewed its supply chains and significantly increased its share in the Finnish gas market during the current year. In April of this year, the company’s market share in Finland reached 36 percent.

Pasi Näkki

Pasi Näkki 

Elenger actively cooperates with both large LNG terminals in the region, Inkoo in Finland and Klaipeda in Lithuania. The company has committed to bring 14 LNG cargoes from different suppliers to its customers by the fall and plans to add some more in the fourth quarter. Most of the 2023 cargoes will arrive at the Inkoo terminal, where Elenger is currently the only importer. At the beginning of June, the company will bring its fifth consecutive LNG shipload to Finland.

“Elenger is one of the few energy companies operating in Finland and the Baltic region that buys western gas directly from suppliers. The versatility of the sources and the cooperation with both terminals create the basis for Finland’s supply security. Reliable deliveries and competitive price level are our strengths, which have contributed to the growth of our market share,” sums up Elenger Suomen CEO Pasi Näkki. Elenger imports gas mainly from Norway and the United States.

In Finland, natural gas is mainly used in industry, such as the chemical industry and the forestry and food industries. Some of the imported gas also ends up for heating households. Although gas consumption decreased in Finland and elsewhere in the region in 2022 due to high prices, Elenger expects consumption to recover in the next few years. The rapidly falling price level has accelerated the growth of imports and Elenger has been able to meet the growing demand flexibly.

“Gas will continue to be a guarantor of security of supply alongside other forms of energy. Gas is an important part of Europe’s green transition because it is the cleanest and most flexible energy source that complements wind and solar energy,” says Näkki.

Elenger is the largest private energy company in Finland and the Baltics, which offers its customers natural gas in the form of pipeline gas, compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) and operates Estonia’s largest gas network. In addition, Elenger is actively involved in international energy trade and is developing a renewable energy portfolio in the form of both solar energy and biomethane production and sales. Elenger operates in Finland, the Baltics and Poland and has 50,000 customers. In its native market of Estonia, Elenger is better known as Eesti Gaas.