Natural gas - clean, convenient, competitive

Personal service, competitive pricing

We offer natural gas to business customers. Our prices take into account the needs of our customers as well as different types of fuel and energy solutions.

We consider both, gas-gas and gas-oil competition, customers can choose to buy gas on the basis of a Price Formula or at a Fixed Price.

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Pasi NäkkiPasi Näkki
Managing director




Index bound

Gas prices change monthly on the basis of changes in European natural gas markets.

Our Price Formulas consider the quantity of gas sold, the type of index, the consistency of consumption, security of supply and the payment terms.

Fixed Price

Fixed Pricing takes into account both the gas price and the price-fixing charges. Because the gas price is agreed upon for the duration of the contract, invoicing is easier and future costs are not the subject of guesswork.

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Advantages of natural gas

Environmentally friendly

  • High calorific value and low carbon content.
  • Helps reduce local air pollution – no SOx, 85% less NOx, no fine particles.  Avoids several related health hazards.
  • Transportation through pipelines avoids burden on roads and reduces exhaust gases and noise in our living environment.
  • Calorific value around 10.5 kWh / m3.
  • Max combustion temperature over 2100 ° C.

Competitive and convenient

  • Competitive price in the long run, reasonable initial investment and running costs. 
  • Modern gas boilers fully automated, safe and efficient.
  • Can be used in industrial processes – e.g. in building materials, glass and chemical industry.
  • Flexible consumption depending on technological needs.
  • Enables the automation of combustion processes as it achieves the desired combustion temperatures quickly and reliably.
  • Off-grid options – if pipeline is not available LNG tank with regasification unit can be built.

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