Elenger launches in Finland

In connection with the opening of the Finnish gas market and the formation of the joint Nordic-Baltic gas market, Elenger, the largest gas company in Estonia, will start operations in Finland. Elenger belongs to the same corporate group with Tallink and is the leading LNG bunkering service provider in the region.

“Elenger has established a working organization in Finland and we are ready for the market opening early next year. The Nordic-Baltic gas market is about 6 billion cubic meters. Based on our experience and efficiency, we have set our goal to achieve at least a sixth of it, ”says Jarko Alanko, Managing Director Elenger Finland.

“LNG sales will definitely be one direction we take in Finland, both in ports and on the open sea. Bunkering of Megastar and the construction of our own LNG bunker vessel have made us the most qualified LNG operator in the area,” Alanko says.

Last year, Elenger delivered over 16,000 tonnes of LNG. Tallink’s Megastar ship has been bunkered with LNG over 1600 times. The Dutch shipbuilder, Damen, is currently building a unique LNG bunker vessel for the service needs of the North and East part of the Baltic Sea. The vessel will be completed in 2020 and will start bunkering environmentally friendly ships sailing in the Gulf of Finland. It has the capacity to remove around 66,000 tonnes of CO2 from the Baltic Sea each year.

“In addition to LNG and pipeline gas sales, we want to build and renew gas pipelines in Finland, there are negotiations already ongoing with several customers. Our subsidiary is currently leading the construction of the onshore part of Balticconnector gas pipeline between Finland and Estonia, ”says Alanko.

The name ‘Elenger’ tells a story of electricity, energy, gas and LNG. In homeland Estonia, Elenger operates under the name Eesti Gaas. The company manages the state’s largest gas network and also operates in Latvia and Lithuania. The Group has a total of 50,000 customers and 240 employees. In addition to natural gas, the company sells pipeline gas, compressed natural gas (CNG), liquefied natural gas (LNG) and electricity, and develops various energy production solutions.