Customized energy plans and low electricity prices

Elenger offers two types of packages – fixed price and exchange price packages. The price will be personalized according to the quantities consumed. Every business customer has a personal business relations manager.

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Power Exchange Price Package

With the Power Exchange Price Package, your price fluctuates with the market. The upside is that when market prices are low your price is low. The downside is that when the market price rises so does your cost.

  • The exchange price for the consumed kilowatt-hours depends on the price of the Nord Pool Spot (NPS) power exchange in the Finnish price area, which changes on an hourly basis.
  • The exchange price is supplemented by a fixed sales margin.
  • Price calculation is based on hourly consumption and the hourly prices of NPS Finland.
  • The consumed kilowatt-hours are measured by the network operator with an hourly meter, or divided into hourly units based on a typical load-chart.

In order to ensure comparability and greater transparency, all client invoices give an account of the details of consumption and cost.

Monthly average prices for NPS power exchange in the Finnish region

Fixed Price Package

As the name implies our Fixed Price Package secures a fixed electricity price for the duration of the contract. With the Fixed Price Package you can choose a price period between 1 to 3 years. If necessary, other pricing periods can also be provided. Market price fluctuations do not affect the invoices, and the price of kWh of electricity remains the same for each month. You can choose between a two-tariff and a one-tariff option, in both cases the calculation of the price is based on the hours consumed.

Go green!

If nature conservation and environment are important to you, you can choose to buy electricity exclusively from renewable energy sources.